Interactive Hearing Aid Fitting


New: Smart hearing system fitting for all hearing studios.

Intuitive, interactive and effective.

Our latest product innovation smartALF for hearing care professionals is available just in time for the EUHA Congress 2023.

smartALF is a stand-alone, interactive fitting technology that can be used in any hearing studio or clinic, completely independent of the diagnostic or fitting system and without any further requirements concerning software.

With intuitive software operation, a guided fitting process and the Acousticon A2000 free-field headphones, smartALF enables customised loudness-based hearing system fitting in just a few steps. In an average of 15 – 20 minutes, you can achieve a reliable result at a high level for any desired hearing aid – with good speech intelligibility and high spontaneous acceptance.

You can make an automatic translation into your language directly via the video settings.

Your customer takes centre stage.

Measuring individual loudness is part of Acousticon’s concept for all our fitting procedures. This also applies to smartALF. In our opinion, no other strategy can determine the optimum hearing system setting as quickly and reliably. Loudness-based fitting is also an effective and time-saving solution to one of the biggest problems in practice – the discrepancy between overall loudness and individual (speech) comprehension in a noisy environment.

Another success factor is the active involvement of your customers. The interactive customisation processes of smartALF involve your customers directly. Instead of passively letting the audiologist do their measurement and fitting process, they themselves contribute to the result and feel that they are heard and taken seriously with their concerns regarding the hearing.

Modern design – practice-orientated functionality:

  • smartALF customisation technology
    Hardware with a modern design and practical functionality – the housing also serves as a sound card for the software and as a headphone mount for the A2000; a metal stand ensures a secure hold
  • Windows-based smartALF software – intuitive user interface for beginner-friendliness and easy operation
  • Connection cable (USB-C type) for PC/laptop and headphones
  • Acousticon A2000 free-field headphones – specially developed for audiological applications

smartALF is a stand-alone and system-independent fitting technique for adjusting hearing systems based on individual loudness. It is based on Acousticon Loudness Fitting (ALF) – by far the most popular method among our users.

smartALF fitting technology – the highlights:

  • AcousticonLoudnessFitting (ALF) – a method for effective and successful fitting via loudness comparisons – excellent results in terms of speech intelligibility (even in noisy environments)
  • Interactive, intuitive software with modern interface and guided measurement process
  • Measurement and customised fitting of all commercially available hearing systems
  • Constant sound field thanks to A2000 free-field headphones – minimises the effects of head movements and room acoustics
  • Frequency adjustment and binaural equalisation – high customer satisfaction in 15 minutes

smartALF – „small“ customisation technology, big effect:

  • The software and hardware concept in a modern design supports you in the positive presentation of your company
  • Efficient work processes lead directly to high-quality results and emphasise your professional expertise
  • Individually optimised adaptations with a focus on good speech intelligibility impress and inspire and clearly set you apart from the competition
  • A high satisfaction rate significantly reduces your readjustment appointments, noticeably saves time and optimises profits
  • The guided fitting process guarantees quick familiarisation and can also be quickly learned and used by newcomers
  • System-independent and directly operable via PC/laptop, smartALF increases your flexibility and is also available for use outside the fitting room if required

Due to its special hardware and software design, the smartALF customisation technology requires no special maintenance.

  • Before delivery:  Calibration and adjustment directly by Acousticon
  • Generally not necessary for smartALF – Training videos help you to perform the first steps with smartALF. Please contact us if you require individual training
  • Fast help via telephone support or 24/7 by email: Short response time (usually immediate callback and processing/problem solving within 48 hours)

Your benefit in flexibility.

The smartALF fitting process is basically self-explanatory and quick to learn. This means that it can be reliably carried out by everyone from master hearing care professionals, doctors, or beginners. Small, compact and system-independent, smartALF is also mobile and ready for use outside the fitting room: all you need is a PC or laptop and you are ready for flexible initial set-up for new customers, for home visits or on busy days – valuable advantages that can also benefit acousticians who primarily use other measurement or fitting systems.

interaktive Messtechnik


An attractive solution: smart technology – modern design.

smarte Anpasstechnik


All inclusive: smartALF and A2000 (including cables).

Acousticon-Freifeldkopfhörer A2000

Developed for loudness-based measurements: the Acousticon A2000 free-field headphones.

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